MS Spars

Free British Parliamentary or Asian Parliamentary debate spars every Wednesday, 6.30PM GMT+7 on Zoom.

You can register as an individual, a team, or an adjudicator.

You can also observe the spars by joining the zoom meeting link in our WhatsApp group.

Spar Recordings

Top room debates
Improve as a debater by watching experienced speakers

⚖️ Oral adjudications recorded
Improve as a judge by watching others’ OAs

A Brief History of Disputandum MS Spars

Disputandum MS Spars was previously known as Meme Seger Spar, which was a leading activity of the Meme Seger Debate organisation.

Meme Seger started as Meme Seger Open, which was first held on 16-17 August 2020. This was an idea by Samuel Lorent, and it was organised with the help of Irene Wei, Amos Andoko and Hans Sebastian. MSO was distinguished not only because of its pop-culture motions, but also the fact that the profits were all donated. As online debating competitions were still new, Discord was our first platform and our server was filled with throwbacks to the offline debate era (such as channels named ”Warmindo” and ”Debate Hall”).

Meme Seger Spar was started by several debaters who wanted spars on Zoom. Gathering two chambers at our first meeting, we were asked: why not do this on a larger scale? And that’s how Meme Seger Spar was made, with the first session being held on 17 November 2020.

Apart from that, Meme Seger Debate grew to host Meme Seger Charity Clinic and Meme Seger Webinar which we hoped can be done annually. The OrgComm at the time was made up of Hans Sebastian, Irene Wei, Rachelle Amadea, and Samuel Lorent. We never thought that we would be able to stay this long. Many things have happened since Meme Seger was first created. We would like to thank all of you, as a part of Meme Seger Debate’s journey, for your contribution and support.