Disputandum was established after the 2020 Indonesian National Schools Debating Championships, when three debaters realised a common passion in proliferating debate.

The team that started out with Rachelle Amadea, Bonfilio Dazzle, and Jen Taruno has now grown to a much larger one!

Meet the Team

Bonfilio Dazzle

Content Director

Aurellia Sherlina

Partnerships Director

Jen Taruno

Design Director

Judah Purwanto

Operations Director

Content Members

Vanness Erwid Wu
Writer and Researcher

Rico Chandra
Writer and Researcher

Partnerships Members

Akhmadan Habibullah
DMS Spars OrgComm

Muhammad Hafizh Hawari
DMS Spars OrgComm

Monalisa Sihombing
Non-Governmental Partnership Specialist

Prashanti Ariadhi
Project Manager

Design Members

Deni Yupinto Dinopit
Social Media Designer

Fiona Sastrit
Junior Social Media Designer

Selina Septine Lukman
Junior Social Media Designer

Nabila Putri
Junior Social Media Designer

Love debating just as much as we do?


Special Thanks

‚ÄčAdam Rifky
Andree Chandra
Anggi Allen
Eugenia Leonetta
I Made Arisanto
Rachelle Amadea
Tengku Omar