Content Submission

Disputandum is a platform for debaters to share various resources with each other. Anybody can submit debate matter files, tips and tricks, and other relevant documents, regardless of whether or not they are part of Disputandum.

How Do I Submit My Work?
  1. Fill in the submission form
  2. Wait for our confirmation via email at least 7 days after you submitted your content
  3. Keep in contact with our editor for further changes such as formatting and editing

Join the Team

(recruitment is currently closed)

Disputandum has four departments: Projects, Content, Design, and Finance.

Each department plays a unique role in fulfilling Disputandum’s goal of proliferating debate through online content.

General Requirements
  1. Junior High School, Senior High School, or Varsity student (both debaters and non-debaters)
  2. Able to commit 1-3 hours of work per week
  3. Values teamwork, initiative, communication, and critical thinking
  4. Willing to improve and collaborate