Debate 101

Are you curious about English debating and want to start?

Do you not have a coach with you? Or do you have one with you, but want to stand out from your debate club friends?

Come aboard and strengthen your debating foundations with Disputandum’s Debating 101!

This set of articles is written by three Indonesian NSDC gold medalists, Dazzle, Jen, and Rachelle. Dazzle got into the team without coaching. Jen and Rachelle got in with coaching. This shows that people from different backgrounds can succeed, as long as there is a love for debating.

If you think you have that, we encourage you to start here.

What you’ll learn in this article series:

  • How does a debate round work?
  • How do you make arguments? What types of arguments are there?
  • How do you make rebuttals?
  • How do you become a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or reply speaker?


⚙️ Debate Procedure
⚖️ Principle Arguments
🧰 Practical Arguments
⚔️ Rebuttals
1️⃣ 1st Speaker
2️⃣ 2nd Speaker
3️⃣ 3rd Speaker
®️ Reply Speaker