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[AK] Negative impact of #MeToo

This note will briefly discuss criticisms towards the #MeToo movement from a conservative perspective. Source:

The #MeToo movement, which starts as a movement where women share stories of their sexual abuse experiences online and forms a “community” in which all people who participate in it calls out the abusing men (which, in many cases, leads to the abuser’s loss of job and reputation such as Harvey Weinstein) has a negative side, in which since it puts heavy emphasis on the victim’s individual perception of her story, it opens a possibility for unwanted behaviors such as bad dates, or persistent approach from men to be exaggerated and equalized to be as heinous as rape. Which leads to…

A. Men who did bad conducts (although not as bad as rape) to be treated as if he is a literal rapist without even giving him the chance to respond to said claims, and is forced to suffer from loss of reputation, mental health damage, etc. due to continuous shaming from women online.

B. Even women who attempted to criticize this phenomenon are labeled as “scum”, “pro-rape” and similar terms. An example would be Catherine Deneuve and Kathie Roiphe (look it up).

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