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[AK] Far-right Lies – Cooptation of Leftist Ideals

This note will briefly discuss how the far-right attempts to attract the sympathy of leftist voters. Source:

Far right parties, such as Geert Wilder’s anti-Muslim PVV in the Netherlands, Marine Le Pen’s Front Nationalé in France, etc. now co-opts socialist ideas such as increased welfare, etc. to gain more votes. But all this is simply a lie done by them.

Initially, far-right parties stem from conservative or neoliberal parties that advocates rolling back state power (making regulations, imposing taxation, etc.). However, they began to co-opt left ideas to gain voters, for example justifying anti-immigration programs by saying that it increases money available for local’s welfare benefits. They also framed ultranationalism as the way to provide economic security as opposed to socialism.

The result? Voilà! Hard labors votes for them in the end. Many constituencies in France, etc. that was formerly a leftist party stronghold fell to far-right parties. What happened to the leftist parties?

1. They moved to centrism, disillusioning working class voters. The demographics they pander to now is the middle class instead.

2. They attempted to be an “appease all” party, which proves ineffective as they eventually are unable to mobilize any of the demographics they pander to.

BUT, it’s all a lie. Far-right never actually stands for leftist ideas. Several proofs:

1. France: Front Nationalé is against labor union monopoly on wage negotiation.

2. Swiss: A far-right Swiss legislator employs asylum seekers illegally, without paying tax

3. Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ party supports tax rebates for homeowners.

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