Disputandum Flows

See how NSDC & WSDC alumni take notes for their speeches


1️⃣ Jen’s 1st Speaker Template
2️⃣ Rachelle’s 2nd Speaker Template
3️⃣ Dazzle’s 3rd Speaker Template
👩‍⚖️ Judah’s Adjudicator Template

Welcome to Disputandum Flows! The links you see above show downloadable, printable speaker structures.

Speaker structures, also known as flows or your notes, are basically the formula for an efficient speech. Just like people have a structure for business proposals and research papers, debaters have a structure for their speeches.

Speaker structures are great for:

  • Holistic speeches that discuss necessary elements in a debate
  • Time management so your speeches are compact and focus on the points that will make you win the debate

Note: We encourage style exploration and mostly want you to see this as inspiration, not the one and only right way to structure speeches. So you can use it as is, but we encourage you to develop your own style, too.