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[AK] Facts About France – Macron’s Fake Centrism

This note will explain how Emmanuel Macron’s brand of “centrism” doesn’t really reflect his policies. Source:

Emmanuel Macron, the current president of France initially markets himself as “neither left not right” during his presidential campaign, a term that was later revised to “both left and right”. Now, he suffers from extremely low approval rating (below 40%), simply because theoretically speaking, you cannot satisfy a militant voter base be it left or right. Here are some of his policies:

1. Elimination of wealth tax on assets (yachts, race horses, real-estates etc.), getting him the nickname “president of the rich”.
Reforming the labor code, decreasing government regulation on when can people be hired and fired, work-hour determination, and other contract elements.

2. Pushing to end government monopoly on France’s railway industry.

Those are his right wing policy. But the right still hates him anyway. Laurent Vasquez, the president of France’s conservative Republican Party, opposes Macron in two ways:

1. His vision of transforming France into a “startup nation” copying Silicon Valley, a move Vasquez thinks is against traditional values.

2. His decision-making method that’s perceived to be “out of touch” with the people.

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