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[AK] Criticisms Against Social Democracy

Disclaimer: This note has a socialist bias, and criticizes social democracy for its half stance in achieving social justice and equality.

According to John Judis, social democracy is “a democratic regulation within a capitalist framework, instead of top-down approach of nationalizing the economy that leads to oppression and sectarianism”. This system is applied in Scandinavian countries. The criticisms to this ideology are.
We can’t have political democracy without economic democracy. Capital owner acts as “mini-government” and can exercise authorities such as…

– What to produce
– How to produce it
– What to do with the profit workers collectively make

Supposedly, it’s not managers that hires and fires workers, instead of the workers firing manager. Collective ownership of things should also be championed, with “radical democracy” being the end goal of socialism; where all decisions that have binding effect to its members should be made by all those affected by it. Social democracy isn’t sustainable. Capital owner still have power in social democracies and can overturn progress by…

1. Lobbying
2. Capital strike (threaten the government to do what they want, if not they’ll move to other places and not invest in the country)

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