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[AK] How Pornography Dehumanizes People

This note will discuss how pornography leads to unrealistic standards in sex imposed by many men and how it impacts women and themselves.

Unfiltered pornographic content which mostly are misogynistic and degrades women can be accessed with anyone. It harms the sexual relation in our young generation. Porn has become “a primary source of sexual education” that is embedding new codes of sexual behavior in young men, because of its easy accessibility and the lack of alternative such as sex-education. The more pornography a man watches, the more likely he was to use it during sex, request particular pornographic sex acts of his partner, deliberately conjure images of pornography during sex to maintain arousal, and have concerns over his own sexual performance and body image.

Thus, young men who immerse themselves in porn develop disturbing expectations about sex and what they should demand from sex partners. They perceive porn, where excitement of actors, duration of intercourse, positions, and even background is framed in an arousingly unrealistic way as reality.

Harms to multiple actors:

1. Young women are often receiving unpleasant treatment during intercourse.

2. Youngest perpetrators of sexual abuse (±12 years old) has cited porn as a driving force behind their action.

3. Adult man finds it hard to keep an intimacy with woman, proven by the fact that half millennials are having sex than gen-X. This phenomenon is worsened with millennial’s reliance on virtual space (smartphones, social medias etc.) which further limits physical interaction.

Meanwhile, support for this issue is not much. Comedians such as Bill Maher make fun of conservative religious people who suggest that there are problems with porn. Feminist objections get dismissed as harangues of sexless harpies. Libertarians defend the pornographers’ right of free expression.

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